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Fashion Psy-Ops II

Fashion Psy-Ops II

Entering the Transhumanist Vault

Fall Fashion Layout from a 2012 W magazine

I introduced the Fashion Psy-Ops concept in my previous posts, and I hope that it illustrated what I believe to be the aims of the Psy-Op cypher: instigating an immoral, decrepit, meaningless, grotesque and hollow social milieu populated with soul-less, vapid and confused people who will do anything to be appear to be one with the prevailing elite tastes and trends.

In 2012, I  impulsively took up a magazine offer to receive a year's worth of W magazine for practically free- sent to my mailbox. This being an arty, expensive magazine, I did it. Someone recently told me that W used to be the old-timey magazine Women's Wear Daily and that it transformed at some point into the uber-high society, high fashion W. It is now referred to as "the celebrity fashion bible." I really don't have that much interest in the history and evolution (yawn) of W, so I didn't research this, I'm sure they had an exciting journey through the rapidly changing world of the super-rich.

What I did have interest in was their Psy-Op program - One of the best, most monied, elaborate and lurid that I have come across, since, well since, Harper's Bazaar circa 2011.

 These are from a fashion layout in W entitled Spellbound  

A satyr rises from a pit in the ground to witness
a woman floating around in the air while a group of entranced nymphs writhes in ecstasy. And this is fashionable because...

 A satyr grabs the ears of a freshly killed doe while a woman lies next to them. The woman might be dead. How quaint. Quainter still the picture of a woman standing over a satyr with a bloody sharpened stake while two people are roasting another satyr on a spit. Which are the good guys again?
Are these images repulsive to you?  They are images of cannibalism, murder, ritual sacrifice and madness. Or do you find them strangely alluring and titillating; thinking to yourself that they are the musings of an artistic mind, maybe slightly jealous that someone has the budget to make their creative visions a reality-while the rest of us eke out our fantasies on the low end of the spectrum?  Lady Gaga made the statement: "I am an artist and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me."article  She seems to be blurring the lines, perhaps deliberately as part of the psy-op between reality and fantasy. When first asked about the prosthetic bony protrusions she sported on the cover of the single Born This Way:

"First of all, they're not prosthetics," she said. "They're my bones ... They've always been inside of me, but I have been waiting for the right time to reveal to the universe who I truly am." The singer said the ridges rise up when inspiration strikes – and that she's not alone. "We all have these bones! They're the light from inside of us."
Similarly Michael Jackson, an early poster-boy for transhumanism,  innocently denied that he bleached his skin, saying instead that he had a skin disorder, or had tried to alter his racial or sexual identity through surgery, even though it is obvious to any casual observor that his look was not natural, but the product of cosmetic alteration.
 From my observations, the categories of mind programming that they are trying to penetrate into the collective are 1) Occult/demonic 2) Alien/Scifi 3)Sado-masochism/sexual slavery 4) Borg/Robots/Genetically superior mutants 5)Fantasy horror/metaphysics/supernatural creatures.
The new age metaphysical movement (which was really started in the 1800s by H.P. Blavatsky) is one of the biggest support groups for these types of operations. New Ageism hits all the bases: the concept of controlling reality through the force of your own will - doing unto others as you see fit because they need to control their reality through the force of their own will and woe to them that cannot muster the powers of The Secret; cruelty and exploitation of others through hypnosis and cult brainwashing; consulting with the dead and dis-incarnate through channeling and mediumship; addiction to false lifestyles and fantasy worlds that are not natural to humanity; idolatry and worship of entities as gods from which they draw their sustenance and blessings; wanting to mate with non-humans to produce hybrid children. (The exo-politics movement, as part of the 'aliens will rescue us movement,' plays into the agenda to create a synthetic human without a human soul.) These are just a few of the notions that the mainstream are perfectly comfortable with at this point. The same mainstream that wonders why there are "Batman" shooters; why the Columbine killers Klebold and Harris dressed like Neo in the Matrix; why many psychopathic killers are tormented with voices in their heads. The voices are being provided free of charge by your very own network television and entertainment industry. I know that it is nothing  new to say these things about the "media." I wonder why, knowing this, that people still give so much credence to the establishment music industry, Hollywood, network television, mainstream news agencies and the like.
Why not withdraw your energy and attention away from that which is killing you? That which was designed solely for the purpose of destroying you-mind and body. Many of the famous mass shooters were taking psychiatric medications prescribed by a psychiatrist, or had in the past. The combination of repetitive use of symbols and images in conjunction with mind-altering (Is there any other kind?) drugs is an age-old recipe for mind control. Not that you can control mind control, it is purely experimental on the mass level; you can only unleash the result.

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