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A Ripple in the Force

A Ripple in the Force

Lady Gaga in one of her early performance costumes

Here is what I do not understand: there are many alternative historians and researchers who have documented the elite bloodline history and purport to be against the secret control matrix/agenda. Yet, they sanction the use of the same symbols and story lines that the controllers use in their own work. For instance Aleister Crowley may very well have been the Biblical false prophet making the path clear for the spirit of the AntiChrist; he was certainly one of the them, and a major player. 
Yet within the alternative movements there are many apologists for his work, saying he was a showman and a trickster dramatically posing as the Great Beast 666 to toy with the plebeians (us). He loved publicity, they say. 
We have the new age and what was left of the women's movement in the 80s to thank for replacing the patriarchal God of the Old Testament with a feminine version, "The Goddess"
(except She's a giver). In the end this became one of the biggest promotions for patriarchy by reverting back - to the beginning of the sex cult patriarchal religions, the mating of bull god Tammuz,with the Queen of Heaven - Inanna, the prototype for Asherah, Venus and all the other lascivious "love" goddesses of the old world.
All the fertility gods including Baal, the sex-energy god that the Masons worship, can be traced back to the Sumerian Tammuz - "the bull of heaven" Let's not forget that Lucifer his 'ol devilish self, gets much of his reputation as a seductive charmer because he was originally a cherubim, that is, a giant testosterone reeking winged bull.

There is this story that alternative types love: Mary Magdalen and Jesus escaped to France and had a child that intermarried with the Merovingian
royals, producing an heir. This is the bloodline the Illuminati thinks that it is descended from. 
  So the forbidden history folks are full-on down with this story of Jesus being just another version of the old fertility god mating with a fertility goddess in France, their offspring marrying into the Merovingian royal family - except that the evil Catholic church is trying to suppress the knowledge of Christ and Magdalen's child because then the basis for all of Christianity would come tumbling down. Reverse Psychology. Because I think that the pope and his ceremonial magician buddies probably adore this story, because it proposes that the ruling classes are descended from Solomon (Christ was born from the bloodline of David, says the Bible), the greatest wizard of all time,  while spawning the dynasty that was destined to be the rightful rulers of earth for all time (them). That would make Jesus Christ,  the great, great, great, great (and on) granddaddy of the Rothschild clan from whose bloodline, (according to Fritz Springmeir) shall proceed the AntiChrist. This lore works for them on so many levels. 

This original blog post was written in 2012; I am going to update it in 2016 with a You Tube embed from Nicholson1968 - a fine researcher and disciple of Jesus Christ.  I love his down-homey delivery and his excellent synthesis of many of the concepts that I tried to explore in my early blog attempts; I don't care about grammatical errors or mispronounced words, he is basically brilliant.He explains the Masonic/Luciferian attachment to King Solomon, the Keys of Solomon and the building of the third temple which will signal the beginning of the end. Please watch:

"The real story of Solomons Temples and Treasures that the Masses are not taught."

While I do see the Catholic church as illuminist and corrupt,  I do not consider them Christian. I thought that everyone knew that they were just a reworking of the high magic of the ancient cult of Saturn dating back to the old Roman Empire. They need this story; they just pretend to suppress it while at the same time making sure it goes viral in the pop culture. 

Does this look like the Prince of Peace to you?
At the Vatican there is a horrible statue entitled The Resurrection that depicts Jesus Christ rising from the crater of a nuclear bomb. Watch that video here  Pan maybe, or a hermaphrodite. Neptune, sure. Or Zeus or any number of polymorphous pagan gods. To use a 90s cliche, "This is just wrong."

Updates 2016: Video by K.J. Ozborne


*I do not agree with the analysis by the author of this article (pen name: "Roger") who converted to Catholicism from new age mumbo-jumboism because of the perspective put forth by Tomberg in Meditations on the Tarot. On the contrary, "Meditations," was for me the final nail in the coffin of the concept that true belief in the salvation offered by Jesus Christ could be reconciled with ancient esoterica, which I now believe to be the heart of the occultism behind false religion. However, since I trust the brilliance of the sincere seeker of Truth to discern for him/herself the core of any given reality we are being fed, and because I respect the effort that goes into writing, any writing,  I present the article and the picture as it was reported - to give credit where credit is due - to the writer who posted it in 2013.

Which brings me back full circle to Aleister Crowley and Lady Gaga. The Thoth tarot deck was Crowley's magnum opus, and with it he embedded the occult symbols with which he wished to inundate the collective; this was his contribution to the new age. The occult symbolism that we see everywhere now can largely be attributed to the work of Crowley. Crowley influenced the pop cultures of Europe and America and influenced music, especially Rock 'N Roll, celebrities, art, writing, psychology (including Carl Jung), and practically created what we now know of as the bohemian avant-garde of the 20th century. He pretty much opened the door for the occult renaissance that started in the 60s. This was no accident, but was planned as part of an agenda, to usher in a new world order that will be a hell for us, but heaven for them.

US Games Systems, Inc  owns the copyright to the Thoth tarot and don't you forget it!

Addendum: 2015

Look Familiar?

I Guess There Are a Limited Number of Ideas...
Update 2017 Video by pocketsofthefuture:

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