Monday, November 11, 2013

The Lyin', The Witch's Wardrobe & the Apocalypse

 Ghosts And The Machine 

It was my, mostly unsubstantiated by regular history, theory that occultist Aleister Crowley's job was to usher in the demonic kingdom that would lead to the end times battle as foretold in the book of Revelation. I believe that Crowley thought that in so doing he was working the "Great Work" of the master occultist, which is open to interpretation. It is now my revised theory that not only did Crowley leave the bulk of his work to the mass population by introducing his brand of occultism into pop culture, but that this work entailed the creation of the homunculus, golum, moonchild, cyborg, however you want to see it, on a large scale.  Crowley was of an age where he knew how Fabianism operated and knew that people could get inured to an occult agenda incrementally. His golum could be sold to John Q. Public over time through the process of genetic engineering which was yet to come, but which had been foreshadowed by Nazi genetic research during World War II.  Its end result-transhumanism, could create the type of synthetic person without a human soul that is the blunt description of what the sugarcoated term 'moonchild' really means.

Eliphas Levi, pretty much the progenitor of modern Western (Egyptian stream of alchemy) esoteric disciplines and ceremonial magic, expanded the originally alchemical concept to cover a broader range of occult practices:
From Wikipedia on Great Work:
...there exists in nature a force which is immeasurably more powerful than steam, and by means of which a single man, who knows how to adapt and direct it, might upset and alter the face of the world. This force was known to the ancients; it consists in a universal agent having equilibrium for its supreme law, while its direction is concerned immediately with the great arcanum of transcendental magic…This agent…is precisely that which the adepts of the middle ages denominated the first matter of the Great Work. The Gnostics represented it as the fiery body of the Holy Spirit; it was the object of adoration in the secret rites of the Sabbath and the Temple, under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the Androgyne of Mendes.
Lévi, Éliphas (1968). Transcendental Magic: its Doctrine and Ritual. Arthur Edward Waite...
 [Wiki goes on to say that Levi] defined it as such:
The Great Work is, before all things, the creation of man by himself, that is to say, the full and entire conquest of his faculties and his future; it is especially the perfect emancipation of his will [emphasis mine].[2]
 Thelema, based on Crowley's philosophies of 'True Will'  further elaborated on the meaning of the Great Work - by tying in the concept of transcendence through the perfection of Will to ceremonial magic. In any event, I believe that Crowley never intended to complete the Great Work himself, which is why he left the Thoth Tarot legacy as a way for subsequent humanity to complete the work for him en masse. It needed that amount of psychical mass, or that vast a search engine, if you will. In other words, the Thoth Tarot was a tool to be used as a means of concentrating large quantities of focus and energy into the demonic and anti-human symbols that were necessary to open the doorways from the demonic realms into our earth and human existence. Crowley saw himself as the avatar of the antichrist, a liberator who would reconcile opposites by unleashing the creative forces of chaos upon the oppressive forces of convention: the same Luciferian light source of the Masons and Theosophists would shine upon the forces of ignorance and repression, liberating mankind from the prison of limitation and mortality. Crowley especially felt that Christianity embodied these repressive forces, denouncing Christianity as an age of a slave-god, soon to end, while inaugurating his chaos messiah, Horus, as the deity of the New Aeon.

From my perspective this has largely been accomplished by virtue of the fact that almost every aspect of earth civilization has become a vehicle for some sort of occult focus, including religions that do not consider themselves as practicing the occult. The Catholic Church, the Christian neo-Mystery Schools and Christian Hermeticism are steeped in Egyptian magic and mysticism. The word Hermetic comes from the Egyptian god Thoth-Hermes. Hermes Trismegistus is the Hellenic and Greek god Hermes of magic, and naturally became part of Roman paganism, too. This is why the "Crowley Tarot Deck," is officially named the 'Thoth' Tarot, even though it is lauded for its beautiful paintings depicting cross-cultural symbols. Cross-cultural if every culture has a morally ambivalent approach to matter and thereby the power generated through mass consciousness. Earth's leadership has also become populated, to use metaphor-speak, by opportunistic infections from all spiritual and pseudo-spiritual disciplines.

It IS Rocket Science

One of Crowley's helpful hints to a student in O.T.O. regarding ushering in his professed new age of liberty and light,was to encourage his protege Jack Parsons, the rocket science magus who developed jet propulsion and worked with the young L. Ron Hubbard as a ceremonial magician, to bring through the spirit of Babalon, the unrepentant whore who rides through Revelation 17:3-5. Parsons was to do this through an VIIIth Degree magical working of O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis).

From Jack Parsons and the Fall of Babalon, by Paul Rydeen, an excellent tract on this affair:

 "Parsons wrote Crowley, "I have diligently followed the VIIIth Degree instructions as (a) creation of new orders of beings with consecrated talismanic images... Possible connective result: increase in writing output; (b) Invocation of Mother Goddess...  The rite ended with Parsons commanding the spirit to appear in human form...


On February 23, 1946 Parsons triumphantly wrote to Crowley, "I have my elemental! She turned up one night after the conclusion of the Operation, and has been with me since." The Elemental was Marjorie Cameron.

[Early March 1946]... Parsons recorded in a letter to Crowley...  "I believe it was the result of the IXth Degree working with the girl who answered my elemental summons. I have been in direct communication with the one who is most Holy and Beautiful... I cannot write the name at present." Secretly he did write her name. He called her Babalon. ...In Liber 49 Babalon says she is the incestuous daughter of Nuit and Horus. Her avatar on earth is the Scarlet Woman.
 Which brings us to the witch, Marjorie Cameron. Parsons was disenchanted with human relationships and sexuality and wanted to bring forth an elemental mate made manifest through a human woman. He and Hubbard worked magic and materialized Marjorie Cameron through an acquaintance that brought her by their residence, the Pasadena house that Parsons had inherited from his father. Cameron went on to become Parsons' wife and priestess.
Parsons was greatly affected by working #VIII-which produced Cameron-who from then on participated in his O.T.O. magic.  Parsons was determined to produce the magical child, a.k.a. moonchild, a.k.a homunculous. Rydeen's book quotes from Crowley's Moonchild to explain the concept:
  [magicians, alchemists]... wanted very much to produce a man who should not be bound up in his heredity...
...they started in paraphysical ways...they repudiated natural generation altogether... ...made figures of brass, and tried to induce souls to indwell them. ... 

...other magicians sought to make this Homunculous in a way closer to nature... ... they had conjurations that they thought capable of doing this...  ... they would be able to cause the incarnation of beings of infinite  knowledge and power, who would be able to bring the whole world into Light and Truth."

There are several versions of how Parsons , Hubbard and Crowley (died in 1947) attempted to create the moonchild through the use of the atomic detonations - the blasts being a way to blow a hole in the fabric of reality, that, combined with incantations, and possibly an organic host formed from human tissue and fluids, would be the necessary formula for this fabrication. This bit of hocus pocus is historically recorded as fact, by the way.

  After a long downward spiral, during which Parsons lost everything, he was blown up in a 'mysterious' explosion in his home laboratory. That someone who played around with demonic forces and named himself the anti-christ after taking the 'Oath of the Abyss' would die in a horrible and torturous manner does not seem illogical, however. Parsons was blown up in a mercury fulminate explosion that tore up part of his jaw, tore off his arm, broke the other one and both of his legs, but he did not die until another 45 minutes had passed, and it has been hinted at that his death may likely have been a sacrifice to his goddess Babalon. As his partner in magic and scribe for a time, L. Ron Hubbard, poetically channeled years before Parsons' death:

"She is the flame of life, power of darkness, she destroys with a glance, she may take thy soul. She feeds upon the death of men... She will absorb thee, and thou shalt become living flame before she incarnates."

How like the famous quote by Robert Oppenheimer upon the detonation of the first atomic bomb at the Trinity site:

The sight of the terrible apparitional mushroom cloud climbing into the heavens made Oppenheimer remember a line from the Bhagavad Gita: ‘Now I am become death, the destroyer of the worlds’ (BhG.XI.32).
 Apparently those with their fingers on the triggers all have occult philosophies somewhere at the core of their thinking. Nice.

 Time Will Tell

Crowley must have known all along that magical workings of the magnitude in which he was mentoring Parsons had to have a sacrifice, or several, in order to succeed. Parsons was collateral damage, but from all accounts of his life, he was a willing victim, because he was drinking from the same font of  Kool-aid as Crowley. Except that Crowley (1875-1947) appears to have spat a lot of his out in the sink while no one was looking, because he managed to live well-beyond the life expectancy of someone with his penchant for risky business. Parsons is described in many Internet articles as a "failed magician," or sometimes a "successful rocket scientist but failed magician;" I would like to counterpoint these phrases with the idea that Parsons was a very successful magician, in that I believe that he did bring through the spirit of Babalon by rending the fabric of time and space to allow a way for the demonic energies that used him to come through. Problem was Parsons didn't see them as demonic, he believed the Crowley propaganda that O.T.O. magic was liberating mankind from the repressive forces of the Judeo-Christian paradigm. Oooppsss... excepting that the type of demonic forces , the Luciferian, chaos-forces are part of that very same Judeo-Christian paradigm. Interesting how that works like that. The fact that they were using the Scarlet Woman and the Whore of Babylon as feminine archetypes shows that Crowley was totally into assisting his hyper-dimensional masters in ushering in the Apocalypse, the very same one that is in the book of Revelation, yes, in the Bible, the Christian Bible, of which the Old Testament is about the Hebrew Judaean culture before the arrival of Jesus Christ. Parsons was used and ultimately sacrificed his life and possibly his soul so that Crowley and company's agenda could be carried out, an occult agenda on which H.P. Blavatsky was an interesting highlight, bringing in the necessary esoteric meme to introduce the agenda to modern society, and spurring on the research of the Golden Dawn. The GD did the legwork for Crowley, so that he could, when the time and technology was right, open the way for his New Aeon. Parsons' big fallacy, apart from being used as a human sacrifice, was that he thought that he was going to impregnate wife Marjorie Cameron in the usual human biological way and that she would give birth to an actual organic hybrid of some sort.

The thing to be considered for me in knowing about the Babalon working and the invocation of both the Goddess Babalon (who is likened to Nuit, Kali, Isis, etc.) and the creation of a magical person formed by art, not by God, is what did they bring through the veil? Because if they summoned Babalon, who has been illustrated well enough through the journals of Jack Parsons, Crowley and Hubbard, into this world, and 'she' is here, that means that the spirit of all that she embodies and her role in the Apocalypse is alive in the world and aiding to unfold the agenda to destroy life as we know it. When magicians rend the fabric of time and space, they do so against the forces of nature, not with them, and that which occurs is likely to go, as they say, sideways - the result being unpredictable, uncomfortable, disastrous. As one of the article links points out - to blow apart time, space and primordial matter is to blow apart the union of opposites. This is what is required to usher in the age of rebellion - the one against the other. That is the spirit of Luciferianism -  the all war, all unrest, all chaos, -all the time channel. There is a reason people in the occult are called 'channels' and why radio wave and cathode tube technology were 'discovered' concurrently with the rise of Victorian spiritualism - seances, channeling, spirit trumpets and the like. It is because spirits reside on and communicate through the same invisible frequencies as broadcast technologies.
A lot has been written about Marjorie Cameron, and there is a strong revival of interest in her art work, a new biography, etc. She is considered by the arty and occult-oriented, who are often one and the same nowadays, as a chic, creative force and a kind of  early feminist, in that she was a champion of women's personal liberation and sexual liberation. Her life in retrospect was besieged with financial problems, and as an artist by frustration and obscurity; she eventually remarried after Parsons - and conceived a daughter with a mentally ill guy who committed suicide (Note to self: She was also a 'successful magician'). Cameron was recently featured in a brief article in W magazine ( Fashion bible of the Jet Set, I've read). News Flash: Hollywood, L.A. and the entertainment industry are influenced by occultism and witchcraft.  So whether or not Cameron really became Babalon incarnate and gave birth to the moonchild on the astral plane, as she claimed to have done years after the official Babalon working, she can truly claim to be one of Hell's Belles.