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A Ripple in the Force

A Ripple in the Force

Lady Gaga in one of her early performance costumes

Here is what I do not understand: there are many alternative historians and researchers who have documented the elite bloodline history and purport to be against the secret control matrix/agenda. Yet, they sanction the use of the same symbols and story lines that the controllers use in their own work. For instance Aleister Crowley may very well have been the Biblical false prophet making the path clear for the spirit of the AntiChrist; he was certainly one of the them, and a major player. 
Yet within the alternative movements there are many apologists for his work, saying he was a showman and a trickster dramatically posing as the Great Beast 666 to toy with the plebeians (us). He loved publicity, they say. 
We have the new age and what was left of the women's movement in the 80s to thank for replacing the patriarchal God of the Old Testament with a feminine version, "The Goddess"
(except She's a giver). In the end this became one of the biggest promotions for patriarchy by reverting back - to the beginning of the sex cult patriarchal religions, the mating of bull god Tammuz,with the Queen of Heaven - Inanna, the prototype for Asherah, Venus and all the other lascivious "love" goddesses of the old world.
All the fertility gods including Baal, the sex-energy god that the Masons worship, can be traced back to the Sumerian Tammuz - "the bull of heaven" Let's not forget that Lucifer his 'ol devilish self, gets much of his reputation as a seductive charmer because he was originally a cherubim, that is, a giant testosterone reeking winged bull.

There is this story that alternative types love: Mary Magdalen and Jesus escaped to France and had a child that intermarried with the Merovingian
royals, producing an heir. This is the bloodline the Illuminati thinks that it is descended from. 
  So the forbidden history folks are full-on down with this story of Jesus being just another version of the old fertility god mating with a fertility goddess in France, their offspring marrying into the Merovingian royal family - except that the evil Catholic church is trying to suppress the knowledge of Christ and Magdalen's child because then the basis for all of Christianity would come tumbling down. Reverse Psychology. Because I think that the pope and his ceremonial magician buddies probably adore this story, because it proposes that the ruling classes are descended from Solomon (Christ was born from the bloodline of David, says the Bible), the greatest wizard of all time,  while spawning the dynasty that was destined to be the rightful rulers of earth for all time (them). That would make Jesus Christ,  the great, great, great, great (and on) granddaddy of the Rothschild clan from whose bloodline, (according to Fritz Springmeir) shall proceed the AntiChrist. This lore works for them on so many levels. 

This original blog post was written in 2012; I am going to update it in 2016 with a You Tube embed from Nicholson1968 - a fine researcher and disciple of Jesus Christ.  I love his down-homey delivery and his excellent synthesis of many of the concepts that I tried to explore in my early blog attempts; I don't care about grammatical errors or mispronounced words, he is basically brilliant.He explains the Masonic/Luciferian attachment to King Solomon, the Keys of Solomon and the building of the third temple which will signal the beginning of the end. Please watch:

"The real story of Solomons Temples and Treasures that the Masses are not taught."

While I do see the Catholic church as illuminist and corrupt,  I do not consider them Christian. I thought that everyone knew that they were just a reworking of the high magic of the ancient cult of Saturn dating back to the old Roman Empire. They need this story; they just pretend to suppress it while at the same time making sure it goes viral in the pop culture. 

Does this look like the Prince of Peace to you?
At the Vatican there is a horrible statue entitled The Resurrection that depicts Jesus Christ rising from the crater of a nuclear bomb. Watch that video here  Pan maybe, or a hermaphrodite. Neptune, sure. Or Zeus or any number of polymorphous pagan gods. To use a 90s cliche, "This is just wrong."

Updates 2016: Video by K.J. Ozborne


*I do not agree with the analysis by the author of this article (pen name: "Roger") who converted to Catholicism from new age mumbo-jumboism because of the perspective put forth by Tomberg in Meditations on the Tarot. On the contrary, "Meditations," was for me the final nail in the coffin of the concept that true belief in the salvation offered by Jesus Christ could be reconciled with ancient esoterica, which I now believe to be the heart of the occultism behind false religion. However, since I trust the brilliance of the sincere seeker of Truth to discern for him/herself the core of any given reality we are being fed, and because I respect the effort that goes into writing, any writing,  I present the article and the picture as it was reported - to give credit where credit is due - to the writer who posted it in 2013.

Which brings me back full circle to Aleister Crowley and Lady Gaga. The Thoth tarot deck was Crowley's magnum opus, and with it he embedded the occult symbols with which he wished to inundate the collective; this was his contribution to the new age. The occult symbolism that we see everywhere now can largely be attributed to the work of Crowley. Crowley influenced the pop cultures of Europe and America and influenced music, especially Rock 'N Roll, celebrities, art, writing, psychology (including Carl Jung), and practically created what we now know of as the bohemian avant-garde of the 20th century. He pretty much opened the door for the occult renaissance that started in the 60s. This was no accident, but was planned as part of an agenda, to usher in a new world order that will be a hell for us, but heaven for them.

US Games Systems, Inc  owns the copyright to the Thoth tarot and don't you forget it!

Addendum: 2015

Look Familiar?

I Guess There Are a Limited Number of Ideas...
Update 2017 Video by pocketsofthefuture:

Fashion Psy-Ops II

Fashion Psy-Ops II

Entering the Transhumanist Vault

Fall Fashion Layout from a 2012 W magazine

I introduced the Fashion Psy-Ops concept in my previous posts, and I hope that it illustrated what I believe to be the aims of the Psy-Op cypher: instigating an immoral, decrepit, meaningless, grotesque and hollow social milieu populated with soul-less, vapid and confused people who will do anything to be appear to be one with the prevailing elite tastes and trends.

In 2012, I  impulsively took up a magazine offer to receive a year's worth of W magazine for practically free- sent to my mailbox. This being an arty, expensive magazine, I did it. Someone recently told me that W used to be the old-timey magazine Women's Wear Daily and that it transformed at some point into the uber-high society, high fashion W. It is now referred to as "the celebrity fashion bible." I really don't have that much interest in the history and evolution (yawn) of W, so I didn't research this, I'm sure they had an exciting journey through the rapidly changing world of the super-rich.

What I did have interest in was their Psy-Op program - One of the best, most monied, elaborate and lurid that I have come across, since, well since, Harper's Bazaar circa 2011.

 These are from a fashion layout in W entitled Spellbound  

A satyr rises from a pit in the ground to witness
a woman floating around in the air while a group of entranced nymphs writhes in ecstasy. And this is fashionable because...

 A satyr grabs the ears of a freshly killed doe while a woman lies next to them. The woman might be dead. How quaint. Quainter still the picture of a woman standing over a satyr with a bloody sharpened stake while two people are roasting another satyr on a spit. Which are the good guys again?
Are these images repulsive to you?  They are images of cannibalism, murder, ritual sacrifice and madness. Or do you find them strangely alluring and titillating; thinking to yourself that they are the musings of an artistic mind, maybe slightly jealous that someone has the budget to make their creative visions a reality-while the rest of us eke out our fantasies on the low end of the spectrum?  Lady Gaga made the statement: "I am an artist and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me."article  She seems to be blurring the lines, perhaps deliberately as part of the psy-op between reality and fantasy. When first asked about the prosthetic bony protrusions she sported on the cover of the single Born This Way:

"First of all, they're not prosthetics," she said. "They're my bones ... They've always been inside of me, but I have been waiting for the right time to reveal to the universe who I truly am." The singer said the ridges rise up when inspiration strikes – and that she's not alone. "We all have these bones! They're the light from inside of us."
Similarly Michael Jackson, an early poster-boy for transhumanism,  innocently denied that he bleached his skin, saying instead that he had a skin disorder, or had tried to alter his racial or sexual identity through surgery, even though it is obvious to any casual observor that his look was not natural, but the product of cosmetic alteration.
 From my observations, the categories of mind programming that they are trying to penetrate into the collective are 1) Occult/demonic 2) Alien/Scifi 3)Sado-masochism/sexual slavery 4) Borg/Robots/Genetically superior mutants 5)Fantasy horror/metaphysics/supernatural creatures.
The new age metaphysical movement (which was really started in the 1800s by H.P. Blavatsky) is one of the biggest support groups for these types of operations. New Ageism hits all the bases: the concept of controlling reality through the force of your own will - doing unto others as you see fit because they need to control their reality through the force of their own will and woe to them that cannot muster the powers of The Secret; cruelty and exploitation of others through hypnosis and cult brainwashing; consulting with the dead and dis-incarnate through channeling and mediumship; addiction to false lifestyles and fantasy worlds that are not natural to humanity; idolatry and worship of entities as gods from which they draw their sustenance and blessings; wanting to mate with non-humans to produce hybrid children. (The exo-politics movement, as part of the 'aliens will rescue us movement,' plays into the agenda to create a synthetic human without a human soul.) These are just a few of the notions that the mainstream are perfectly comfortable with at this point. The same mainstream that wonders why there are "Batman" shooters; why the Columbine killers Klebold and Harris dressed like Neo in the Matrix; why many psychopathic killers are tormented with voices in their heads. The voices are being provided free of charge by your very own network television and entertainment industry. I know that it is nothing  new to say these things about the "media." I wonder why, knowing this, that people still give so much credence to the establishment music industry, Hollywood, network television, mainstream news agencies and the like.
Why not withdraw your energy and attention away from that which is killing you? That which was designed solely for the purpose of destroying you-mind and body. Many of the famous mass shooters were taking psychiatric medications prescribed by a psychiatrist, or had in the past. The combination of repetitive use of symbols and images in conjunction with mind-altering (Is there any other kind?) drugs is an age-old recipe for mind control. Not that you can control mind control, it is purely experimental on the mass level; you can only unleash the result.

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Fashion Psy-Ops I... Continued The Transhumanist Agenda

Fashion Psy-Ops I...Continued
because I am not ready for installment II
 The Transhumanist Agenda
The current pop artists such as Lady Gaga, with their statements about self-mutilation, pop icon role modelling, bizarre use of occult symbolism, natural mutations of their own bodies etc., being an expression of their creativity and artistry is nothing new. In the 1980s Michael Jackson was interviewed on television by Oprah Winfrey:   Starts at 06:36

OW:  When did the color of your skin start to change?
MJ:   Oh boy...Sometime after Thriller, around Off the Wall; Thriller, sometime around there. 
OW: What did you think?
MJ: It's in my family. [Jackson is referring to Vitiligo, which he claimed was responsible for turning him from a black man to a white person] My father said it's on his side... I can't control that. I don't understand...I mean it makes me very sad.  
During the same era (starts at 07:47 same video), after They Don't Care About Us was released, Diane Sawyer also interviewed Jackson:
DS: People say they don't feel they've heard everything about the whiteness of your skin. Is it to be neither black nor white [Sawyer is Shakespearean-who knew?], neither to look completely male... to be in the androgynous zone - where does it come from?
Jackson answered: I think it creates itself - nature.
Diane Sawyer, crack investigative news woman allowed Michael Jackson to go on national television and lie through his teeth about changing his racial identity; without one question of cross examination or word of disbelief.

When I was a kid I had a friend of Mediterranean descent who had Vitiligo, she had a few big patches of white on her legs and arms, surrounded by otherwise dusky skin, but her entire skin color did not change from dark to white in one even coat. Vitligo occurs in patches, it doesn't transform your entire skin color at the cellular level.

Jackson might have thought that he was telling the truth - part of the exploitation of celebrities is to encourage them to live in their own bizarre fantasy kingdom [In Jackson's case, he built a literal fantasy kingdom, Neverland], the distorted thought processes often aided by the use of drugs. Celebrities get addicted to drugs, not just because of the ready availability of illegal drugs and the money to buy them, but because they get on a pharmaceutical roller coaster with sleep and anxiety disorders, as well as addiction to pain medication because of their numerous cosmetic surgeries and procedures. It is very painful to be surgically mutilated and then heal the tissue in order to look better than you did before.
Which leads to the question of why. Why are pop-culture icons and fashion models being used to encourage fantasy addiction? And I believe that that is what is being encouraged, starting with children at a very young age - not the use of creative imagination - but full blown delusional entry into a false and non-human world.
And that's the key, isn't it. Non-human.

We have so many things going on nowadays - so many ways to alter human genetics, to mutate human DNA - to alter the body through implants and surgeries and prosthetics. So many books and movies about non-human entities - vampires, zombies, werewolves, aliens, super soldiers, enhanced people, etc. etc. The norm seems to be inhuman - in Harry Potter the non-wizards are called "muggles," and this word is synonymous with dullard, boor, jerk, the enemy of the special and gifted, the wizards of the world. Muggles are the anti-thesis of the creative, glamorous, powerful, supernatural beings. Better than humans, more beautiful, smarter and fearless, because they have the awareness that they are at the top of the food chain.

From the font of all knowledge, modern and arcane:

Transhumanism, abbreviated as H+ or h+, is an international intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.[1] Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations, as well as study the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies. They predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label "posthuman".[1]

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Fashion Psy-Ops I Mystics of the Fashion World

Fashion Psy-Ops I
 Mystics of the Fashion World
I was indoctrinated into fashion magazines as a teenager; starting with Seventeen magazine and moving up as a young adult to Vogue and Elle and a host of other hauteur touting magazines. I have to admit that although I am not fashionable, nor have
I ever been, I used to love looking at these magazines because they are artistic - the photography, the layouts, the over-the-top tableau featuring unrealistic women wearing way-out clothes that no real-life, ordinary women could ever really wear to work or even out on the
town. I saw high fashion as fine art with gossip attached to it as a way to sell magazines. And I enjoyed the innocent voyeurism of it all.
I stopped reading fashion mags years ago, save for Vanity Fair (politics, gossip, tabloid crime and fashion), or an occasional sit-down at the Library while I was checking out books and movies. Then I began checking out the magazines, too, so I could have some light reading, so I thought, at home.
In 2011, I sat in the Lafayette Public Library and read through the May edition of Harper's Bazzaar:

Lady Gaga is the cover shot and featured "interview" which talks about GaGa sporting black claw-like fingernails, spiky cheekbones and shoulders,  and horns, yes horns,  protruding from her forehead, which she declares are not prosthetics, but rather her own bones, which have always been inside of her, "waiting for the right time to reveal to the universe who I really am."

In fact, there is a HILARIOUS blog on blogspot on this very issue that I came across in my research on this matter, called Bungled and Botched, which you should read.
To not so much quote, as cut and paste, from Bungled and Botched:
Gaga on Alexander McQueen:

She says she believes the late designer has been channeling his spirit through her work since his February 2010 death. "I think he planned the whole thing: Right after he died, I wrote Born This Way, I think he's up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away, planning this whole thing." Gaga then lied also said it was purely by coincidence that the hit single was released on February 11, 2011 - on the one-year anniversary of McQueen's death. "When I heard that, I knew he planned the whole damn thing," Gaga said. "I didn't even write the  [bleeped out by me] song! He did!"

Whoa there! Slow your crazy! I'm not sure of much but I am pretty damn sure that Alexander McQueen had absolutely NOTHING to do with writing your crappy dance song neither/nor is he, at all, in any way channeling his spirit through your work!
I have to agree with you there Bungled and Botched - a good synopsis of the article's collusion with insanity for the sake of art, but there is more. So much more...
In the same issue of Harper's there is an article called: ANNABELLE NEILSON REMEMBERS ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, in which Neilson, "longtime friend and muse", confides to HB that McQueen (who committed suicide in 2010 when he was 41) communicated to her from beyond the grave. He had a small, private ceremony, but Neilson felt he deserved something else, something that was a tribute to his life, which Neilson said "needed its own sort of showmanship."
Let the Carnival Begin
Said Neilson in Harper's:

"I am not the most religious person, but last summer I wanted to see Antony Gormley's installation Flare II at St. Paul's Cathedral. The second I walked in, I realized the reason I was there was not to see Gormley's work but to campaign for Lee's memorial. I believe when someone dies, they can leave an energy behind them, and that energy is more powerful in some people. I knew Lee had sent me to St. Paul's that day.
At the cathedral, I found the Reverend Dr. Giles Fraser, who is the canon chancellor. I must have been going a million miles a second. I told him about my friend Lee, how he had sent me there, how he had died and been a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, how he had touched so many people and brought so much to his native country. He told me to take a deep breath, and then he did the most peculiar thing: He asked me to sing. I told myself, If that's what it's going to take, I'll do it. The only song I know is Patsy Cline's "Walkin' After Midnight," so there in St. Paul's Whispering Gallery, I started singing, "I go out walkin' / after midnight / in the moonlight. ..."
I sang the whole song, and then he told me I needed to write a letter and he would bring it up with the other canons. He made sure I understood that he couldn't promise anything and that typically the cathedral is reserved for world leaders or the royal family, but I had a good feeling about this. I felt it in the stars."

Send in the Clowns
'Neilson continues:
A week later, he told me they had accepted Lee's memorial. The service was held on September 20, 2010, and I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. Lee gave everyone in that room the shows of their lifetime, and in that moment we tried to give him his appropriate farewell. The service was on par with the sort of beauty he had given us. Lee had always wanted a gospel choir to perform at one of his shows, but he never found a way to work one in, so we had that. We had traditional Scottish bagpipes, as Lee was proudly Scottish. Björk performed wearing a giant pair of wings Lee had made, and she looked unbelievable."

Attending McQueen's Funeral
McQueen was an artistic genius who suicided in 2010, shortly after his mother died. I do not wish to deride him personally in any way, as I believe that he was a tormented individual (his first collection was entitled Jack the Ripper Stalking his Victims)  operating in a dark, empty and superficial world (fashion) and that like any suicide, one has to wonder at how much suffering someone had to have been experiencing to cause them to take their own life.
However, the fact that not one, but several ghoulish fashion celebrities think that they have a spiritual connection to a dead fashion designer would be laughable if it wasn't so frighteningly serious in the sense that these articles are showcased internationally and influence the thousands of people reading them. If anyone saw the movie Devil's Advocate, the pictures from the McQueen memorial services may put you in mind of the funeral of Eddie - who was brutally murdered by demons. At his funeral everyone was gushing over his widow, "Doesn't she look fantastic?"
It was immediately after reading these articles the first time, that I started to wonder if maybe the CIA was the shadow producer of these publications, or maybe they worked hand in hand with the editors and directors of these magazines and embedded these types of ridiculous Psy-Op concepts into them, for some obscure reason, possibly related to some sort of program agenda they were working on.
Psy-Ops, by the way refers to:
Psychological Operations (United States)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Psychological operations are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.[1]
Wiki is defining Psy-Ops in terms of American Military using psychologically deceptive and manipulative practices on foreign agencies. I, on the other hand, think that our government and controlling classes use these types of operations on the general populace through television, radio, movies, advertising and now I put fashion as a big addition to the list. Do I think it is the CIA? Hell no. I think fashion is a purely Illuminati created and controlled puppet show, and that it promotes the Illuminati agenda of destroying, degrading and confusing the unfit and inferior lower orders, namely--us; but first- "Hey let's humiliate them and get them to spend all their time and money on this nonsense."

There is another twisted aspect to McQueen's second memorial service, apart from the fact that it is a "celebration" of the life of an emotionally tortured individual -  which is to say that, as Neilson states, St. Paul's is  typically "reserved for world leaders or the royal family."- a cathedral - consecrated ground -  where they held a service for a person who had lived a decidedly unholy lifestyle and then killed himself. What type of Psy-Op was that-I wonder?

More on McQueen, and his role (unwitting tool?) in Fashion Psy-Ops: